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Personalized plan

Be smoke free!

Congratulations on your decision to be smoke-free! We're here to help you achieve your goal with your Personalized Smoke Free Habits 12-week support plan. Your plan was customized based on your answers to the program entry survey.

No matter how many times you may have quit before, you can use this plan to guide you through the process successfully this time.

The backbone of your plan is learning to use your nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product correctly. This includes learning to use enough nicotine replacement to control side effects related to nicotine withdrawal while you use this plan to learn ways to handle the behavioral and psychological issues related to successful quitting.

The weekly topics build logically on one another, so you can do them in sequence. Or you can check out any topic at any time you wish. Just make sure you have read and are using the information contained in each of the weeks by the time you finish the first 12 weeks of your quitting experience.

Each week contains the following elements to educate and encourage you to be smoke-free:

Topic: Important information about issues related to success in quitting and remaining smoke-free.

Action Steps: These are specific tasks to do during the week that will support your efforts to be smoke-free.

Weekly Quote: An inspirational message pertaining to the topic of the week.

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Get Ready... Get Set... Quit!

Week 1


Breaking Through Barriers

Week 2


It's Just a Habit...

Week 3


Do It For You - And For Them

Week 10


Can Quitters Be Losers?

Week 11


Facing Down Future Smoking

Week 12