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Week 10

Hopefully by now you are starting to take pride in your success at remaining smoke free. You deserve to feel good. This is likely to be the most important health-related lifestyle change you will ever make. But it's also important for those you live and work with.  

Protect the Health of Others! 

Being a better role model for your kids and others is an important reason to be smoke free. That's great! The dangers of secondhand smoke have been well established. And parents' behavior is still the greatest influence on the behavior of their children. By setting an example of not smoking, you are letting them know how important you think it is to not be a smoker. If your kids make it to age 21 without smoking, chances are very good that they will remain smoke-free for life. 

Here are some ways that you are helping those around you as you help yourself. 

  • Smoke from the burning end of cigarettes contains higher amounts of the toxic chemicals than smoke directly inhaled.

  • The EPA estimates that secondhand smoke is responsible for about 3,000 lung cancer deaths each year among nonsmokers.

  • Secondhand smoke is harmful in those with existing diseases like asthma, lung disease, or heart disease.
  • Secondhand smoke doubles the risk for respiratory problems in kids. It is a risk factor for developing asthma, and children with asthma have more severe and frequent asthma attacks because of exposure.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control to read more about the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

Time To Be Political? 

Does getting involved in nonsmokers rights activities sound extreme? Maybe - but it can also be a good way to support your decision to stay smoke free. The American Lung Association is a good place to begin. Not only are you affirming your own choice, you are helping to reduce others' exposure to the dangers of tobacco. 

Action Plan for Week 10:

  • Don't let stress build up. Continue to find ways to relax. Try listening to soothing music. You can also purchase a relaxation tape to practice this valuable skill.

  • Don't be afraid to talk about your success in quitting with others. It's a good way to reinforce your decision.

Quote of the Week:

Things do not change; we change.
   -Henry David Thoreau